Who are you?

Micu is a little monster and also brand for custom handmade phone case and watch, run by a European artist who is traveling around the world currently. 

What does custom mean?

Customize a Micu for you mean I'll design a Micu for you. Your Micu won't be able to copy. Unique customized for you only.

How does order work? How can I add wishes?

After payment you need to email me with the details for your Micu.  

What shall I add the details for my Micu in email?

Tell me your favorite color, background, gender, accessories like sunglasses, flower, lei, necklace etc. and special wishes.

What happens after payment?

We'll expect an email from you with details for your Micu. Will start customizing your Micu and show it you. I'll edit it so long until you're satisfied with your Micu. Then will let your designed Micu in the production.

Do you ship outside Europe?

Yeah and worldwide.

Will the item be shipped from me?

Because I'm traveling and don't have current address. I let item shipped direct from producer to you. 

How long will it take?

For non custom made products we mostly send within the next 3 days. Custom products need more time to be designed, from three days up to one week. 


How can I pay?



Do I pay before or after your work is done?

The payment has to be done before I customize.


Why are they soooo expensive?

It's all hand customized, with so much time and love.